Extruder for sweet truffles Machines for complementary lines and plants
Series: E1
Process: Production of extruded products
Output capacity: Up to 220 kg/h
The TECNO 3 E1 type extrusion system is designed for the continuous production of "sweet truffle" chocolates, which are subsequently coated in powder (cocoa, icing sugar, etc.) in special dusting drums, or coated in chocolate on the coating lines. The machine is compact and completely protected by a AISI 304 stainless steel coating, which encloses all mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems. Cleaning is made easier as it is possible to access all parts in contact with the product. The plant, fully automatic, is equipped with a management and control PLC, with an operator panel on which the various recipes are set. The temperature of the machine body and the extrusion head are independent and controlled separately.

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The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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