Automatic cream preparation and refining systems Machines for cream production
Series: PRC
Process: Batch refining
Output capacity: Up to 300 l/cycle
The PRC automatic cream refining line includes a horizontal mixer, where the ingredients are dosed and mixed, with one or several ball mill refiners in parallel, according to the productivity required. The mixer, which can feature high capacity, feeds the various ball mill refiners automatically with metered quantities. When the treatment is complete, each refiner discharges the cream, empties completely and is ready to receive a new dose and start the refining process again. The automatic cycle ends when the product runs out in the mixer. The entire line is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and wear-proof material is used in the refining area. The management of all production processing stages is controlled by the PLC, which is equipped with a touch-screen operator panel on which the parameters of the entire process are set.

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