PRO SWEETS 2019 - COLOGNE Monday, 11 February 2019

TECNO 3 successfully took part in the Pro-Sweet trade fair in Cologne, held on January 27-30 2019.
The machines displayed at the stand raised great interest and there was a continuous flow of visitors during the entire the show.

The two units of the BEAN TO BAR LINE, the Multiprocess R and the Multiprocess C, were always in operation, showing the whole process: from bean roasting, debacterisation and winnowing, to the separation of the cocoa nib in the first machine; from grinding the nib, mixing the ingredients, refining and conching, to the finished liquid chocolate in the second one.  The Multiprocess C version is also equipped with a tempering machine and a cooling cell, so it was possible to model the chocolate in the napolitains format and let visitors taste it, allowing them to evaluate the result that the line can offer.

It is always wonderful to see the ORM ROBOTIC STATION at work, in this case reintegrating the missing nuts in the moulds. The control software, entirely designed and developed by TECNO 3, enables different products to be handled in the most diverse conditions and can be used in different lines, thanks to the mobility of the structure that is mounted on wheels.

The FAT-BASED CREAMS LINE is designed for the preparation of various types of mixtures made with fatty substances, starting from the ingredient mixing process up to the refined and filtered finished product. Although it was not in operation, it received great appreciation from technicians, especially for its compact size, minimum overall dimensions, development technology and easy sanitisation due to the absence of product conveying pipes. 
The interest shown by visitors for the various machines has led to the creation of numerous contacts with various companies located worldwide, which have requested in-depth meetings and offers, and especially the stipulation of some sales contracts.

For this extremely positive result, special thanks go to all the technicians, employees and collaborators of the big TECNO 3 family.

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The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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