The TECNO 3 cocoa bean debacterizing plant is batch-operated on the whole bean, before the roasting process.
The system consists of two conical-shaped tanks stacked upon each other, connected by a pipe and complete with two valves, which guarantee perfect insulation.

The cocoa beans quantity to be treated is dosed in the upper tank. This operation is managed by two level sensors.

The lower tank, a process reactor, receives the right dose of product, keeps it agitated and treats it with superheated steam for a relatively short time, sufficient in any case to drastically reduce the bacterial load. Once the operation is finished, the beans are discharged and sent to the roaster.

This very short cycle is carried out in a fully automatic and repetitive mode under the control of a PLC.

Fully built of AISI 304 stainless steel, this plant is made in different models capable of feeding continuous roasters of various production capacities.

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The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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