The “GULFOOD MANUFACTURING” exhibition in Dubai is the most important show throughout the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA), dedicated to the food processing equipment, where the confectionery sector is certainly playing a prominent role.

TECNO 3 will be pleased to welcome you at Booth Z2 – E68.

The “SALON DU CHOCOLAT” in Paris is, above all, dedicated to the chocolate producers coming from all over the world. An area of the Salon hosts the Bean to Bar equipment manufacturers: TECNO 3 will be pleased to welcome you at the “Village B to B”, Booth n. 1 – Hall 5.1.

The ultimate TECNO 3 creation will be displayed during these two events:


The absolutely cutting-edge and compact mini-line designed to produce small amounts of chocolate based on the Bean to Bar concept.
Our visitors will have the possibility to see the machine in operation.

By conceiving this machine, TECNO 3 has set out the following goals:
- Small overall dimensions
- Accuracy in ingredients mixing
- Effective refining to get the desired granulometry
- Rapid and effective conching to enhance the taste
- The possibility to rapidly disassembly and reassembly all the parts in contact with the product for an accurate cleaning during recipe change-over .

Looking at the line, it is easy to realize that such targets have been fully met.
The process begins with cocoa bean grinding, continuing through ingredients dosing, mixing, refinining and conching up to the liquid chocolate ready to be moulded.
In particular, conching effectiveness is given by an air current treatment upon a thin layer of chocolate, while the use of easily disasseblable belts, without pumps and pipes, facilitates the cleaning operations.
It is an automatic process based on a cyclical development, that can be stopped when the product has reached the desired quality.

The production capacity of the 5, 25 and 50 Kg. models meets the needs of the various scales of chocolatiers and creates interest among the R&D managers of the large companies: in fact these last ones can use this machine as a pilot plant for carrying out tests.
Thanks to its harmonious design and the possibility to look at the chocolate being processed in full respect of the hygiene-sanitary standards, it is possible for shops and laboratories to show their customers the machine in process.

TECNO 3 will be pleased to welcome the technicians and technologists of the various companies on its booths during these two exhibitions, where our qualified team will show the whole machine range and explain all our processing lines.
Here are some of the most innovative ones:

- Chocolate production: the line starts with the cocoa bean treatment up to the different kind of chocolate ready to be moulded;

- Nut processing: it foresees the cleaning, drying, roasting, the possible peeling and finally the refining of various types of nuts;

- Lipid base cream preparation: it means various processing lines comprising the ingredients dosing, mixing and refining with different degrees of automation according to the customer needs;

- Complementary equipment: continuous melters for blocks of fats and lipid base products (cocoa mass, chocolate, compounds etc.). Cut products lines (such as for different layers of Cremino chocolates), Multifunction Robotic operator (robotic station carrying out different operations by a simple program change) and many others.

Moreover we would like to point out that a technological laboratory with various pilot plants is available at TECNO 3, to provide our customers and all the food processing companies, especially those operating in the confectionery field, the possibility to run trials with their products. in fact, all the processing cycles that have been conceived and implemented by our company can be reproduced in our laboratory.

A collection of the projects
developed for the most important
confectionery companies

The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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