Machines for dosing, mixing, refining and conching chocolate
The production line designed by TECNO 3 is very compact and fully automated, starting from raw materials up to the chocolate ready for final use. The ingredient dosing and mixing process as well as mass refining take place continuously, in optimal hygienic conditions because the product is never in contact with the environment. Conching is performed in batches, in newly developed conches, with the product in the liquid state for perfect temperature control, using a special innovative system to speed up the process. The systems used in each processing stage can naturally be added to existing production lines to replace obsolete parts.
Horizontal mixers - kneaders for chocolate
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Continuous doser mixers for chocolate
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Continuous refining systems for chocolate
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Fast conches
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Continuous production systems for chocolate
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Continuous dosers-mixers for liquids and solids
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A collection of the projects developed for the most important confectionery companies

The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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