Machines for cleaning, drying, roasting, peeling, sorting and refining nuts
Hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds: any kind of dried fruit can find a machine suitable for its complete processing at TECNO 3. The roasting technology applied to the continuous vertical hot air roasters is essential for the preservation of whole fruit, because it slows down oxidation effectively. The original peeler works effectively and efficiently, eliminating the skin without altering the surface. The continuous and automatic refining line used to achieve pastes with a very fine particle size, represents a significant step forward in terms of simplifying the process, reducing overall dimensions and ensuring energy savings.
Nuts cleaning systems
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Vertical nuts roasters
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Hazelnut peelers
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Separators – sizing machines
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Hazelnut and almond depositors
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Continuous grinding and refining systems for nuts
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Ball mill refiners for nuts
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A collection of the projects developed for the most important confectionery companies

The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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