From the raw ingredients to your masterpiece in only two hours Multiprocess: the first compact Bean To Bar machine


TECNO 3, a company with over twenty-five years of experience in the chocolate sector, presents an absolute novelty in the field that will give a unique flavor to your business.
It’s Multiprocess, the first compact system for producing chocolate from the cocoa nibs to the bar.

Just 2 x 1 meters in size, it can be completely dismounted for quick and easy cleaning.
Multiprocess can be displayed in-store to allow customers to watch the fascinating process of creating chocolate, while conserving the high quality, aromas, and inimitable characteristics of the most noble cacao during all phases of production.
Every step is easily managed with a touchscreen command panel that is both simple and intuitive: cacao nibs are placed in the container and transformed into cocoa mass, then mixed with other primary ingredients.
The paste is then refined and transferred along a viewable belt to the innovative phase of conching, which eliminates excessive acidity.

The continuous cycle lasts about two hours and operates at a low energy level (8 kW), allowing a fi nal chocolate with a fi neness of about 20 microns.
At this point, after being finely sieved and tempered, the product is ready to be molded as desired and is then left to rest in an integrated refrigerated unit below the process area.

Multiprocess can open a world of possibilities for you and your customers to discover the pure goodness of chocolate in the form that you desire, personalized and with hand-chosen ingredients. Because the best cacao deserves to become something unique, exceptional, and yours.


  • Compact dimensions: 2x1 meters
  • Low energy consumption: 8 kW
  • Electricity is the only source of power: no hydraulic connections or compressed air required.
  • The production is visible during all phases of the process. Touchscreen panel allows individual command of every phase of the process.
  • All motors are managed by inverters to allow control of the velocity and temperature.
  • Every single part of the machine can be easily dismounted for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Includes various compartments to facilitate the operator’s work.

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