NEWS 13-01-2020 Continuous production plant for creams

TECNO 3 comes up with the line for the continuous production of lipid base creams used as finished product (spread creams), fillings, semi-finished products etc.

ABOUT US TECNO 3 is ability to listen, technical expertise, and above all, passion.

That of the engineers and technologists who work to offer solutions capable of "thinking outside the box". That of the technicians who make the machines extremely accurately and carefully.
A union that, in almost 30 years of activity on the domestic and foreign markets, has led to the development of innovative and high performance projects.

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TECNO 3 designes and produces machinery for confectionery industry processing: the systems featured in this catalogue operate in many Italian and foreign
confectionery companies and prove the expertise and care of those who have designed, built and commissioned them.
Cocoa processing
Systems for cleaning, debacterising, roasting, winnowing and grinding cocoa continue
Nuts processing
Machines for cleaning, drying, roasting, peeling, sorting and refining nuts continue
Cream production
Machines for dosing, mixing and refining creams continue
Chocolate production
Machines for dosing, mixing, refining and conching chocolate continue
Fat and solid mass melting
Machines for continuous or batch fat, butter, cocoa and chocolate melting continue
Fluid product storage and transfer
Storage tanks and filters for the transfer of fluid products continue
Complementary lines and plants
Lines and systems for complementary processes continue

The systems produced by TECNO 3 are capable of responding to the demands of the confectionery industry, going beyond the conventional methods.

Beyond standards. To offer something more: a technical partnership that creates new solutions.
A collection of the projects developed for the most important confectionery companies

The story of TECNO 3 is a tale of a long series of successes that have led the company to gaining the trust of the most important confectionery companies in Italy and worldwide.

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